Windshield Repair

Our goal in repairing your windshield is to keep you from having to replace the windshield. We accomplish this by restoring the integrity (strength) back to the glass and improving the visual appearance of the glass. You must be 100% happy with the results or there is no charge.

Windshield Repair Pricing

Bull's-eye, Star Break, Combination Break First Repair: $60.00 Additional Repair: $20.00 Crack Repair (Less than 6"): $60.00

Headlight Restoration

With our headlight process we will restore your yellow and foggy headlights back to factory condition. Our uv protective coating is guaranteed to last at least as long as the factory coating without yellowing, peeling, or discoloring.

Headlight Restoration Pricing

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Water Spot Removal

Removes hard water spots from all types of glass. make your glass look like brand new again.

Water Spot Removal Pricing

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